Create a harmony between how you think, how you feel and how you move. As early as the 13th century Chinese training emphasized improving upon our health and ourselves. This connection of ‘who-we-are’ and ‘who-we-want-to-be’ is part of the Traditional Martial Arts Journey

Using the health style versions of Tai Chi and QiGong will provide you a place and a process to bring yourself all together.

Traditional Martial Arts Training is an important component of our curriculums.  Through the Chinese Martial Arts, Japanese and Okinawan Systems we will provide you the type of training that leads to understanding the arts and yourself.

Weapons training such as Shaolin Long Staff, Whip Stick, Escrima and others are also part of your curriculum.

Young Adults are trained individually and in small groups, based on their personal interests.  To keep adolescents and Young Adults interested, it must mean something to them.

Our Youth Program, 14 and younger, is delivered primarily in Family and Individual Lessons.  The bonding with parents and siblings makes for an excellent dynamic, and individuality allows us to focus on your child’s specific needs.

It’s About You

Training in Martial Arts, whether for health, self-protection, sport, or having a philosophical is about you.  You move at your pace.

There are no uniforms or belts, no contracts necessary, Your tests are in your effort, your understanding.

When the Body is Still, The Mind is Active,
When the Body is Active, The Mind is Still.

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Come Meet Us..

We have no doubt that you will find our Tai Chi, QiGong and Martial Arts school unique. The quaint and family like atmosphere, and will see quickly that we are not a commercial school.  We believe in taking care of you.