Practice With a Smile

We put real effort and sweat into our craft, but our family atmosphere  allows us to do it with a smile.  As part of our Martial Arts Family you will find a place to practice without any pressures.


We are located just inside the beltline, near North Hills.  We are simple to get to from a number of directions, but located on a woodline, so you can escape into quietedness.

Long Standing Atmosphere

I was authorized to teach in 1997, began teaching in Houston, Texas. Open our school in 2004 and we have enjoyed being here.  We are a bit of a challenge to find, because it is not a commercial school, we are tucked away quietly in a honeycomb designed school, with training area’s for different focus’. But we sure hope you find us 🙂


Several of my students have been with me for 10 years or more. It is amazing how fast the time goes.  Through the years of practice, I have seen them develop relationships, get married, have children and now their children think of the other students as aunts and uncles.


With our emphasis on personal development, we challenge ourselves and one another when appropriate and the student feels ready.  The most important of practice is keeping you and your classmates safe.

No student is required to spar, in fact, several students have no interest in developing combative skills, but they do like to see how their art could be used.


One thing that distinguishing our school, is the attitude of the people you will find here.  Always respectful, always helpful and always willing to help.  This is something that you can find everyday here.

It is one of the few requirements that I have here. You do not have to buy a uniform, but you do have to treat one another with respect and demonstrate an attitude that others are glad to be around.

Schedule Your Visit Today

There is no obligation to come meet us, so that we can introduce ourselves without any stress.  Just call, text or email, and we will set aside a time to visit and talk a bit.