Some of the most common questions that we are asked..

What Do You Mean By, ‘You are not a commercial School’?

It means that this school runs primarily as it ran for me over 25 years ago.  Here are some of the examples :

-You do not have to get into formal contracts
-Nor do you have to buy my specific jerseys or gear
-You don’t have to pay me extra to take tests.

The training is about you, not about the numbers.

Do I Have to buy a Uniform?

Our school does not have a ‘Uniform’ per se.  Many of our students purchase the school tshirts and sweatshirts to train in.  We also have patches that go on shirts and bags. For example, the picture on the top of this page was taking spontaneously on a trip.  None of the students were required to wear our jersey, but each one of us did.

Do I have to take a test?

Not in any commercial sense.  For example, you do not need to break any boards and perform a specific form to get a green stripe on your belt.

However, if you are practicing for health, such as Tai Chi QiGong, we will regularly ask you if you understand what you are expressing.

If you do intend to one day be certified to teach, you will need to accept a verbal or written exam, and demonstrations of expressions.

Do I have to spar?

No student is required to spar, and I do not teach sporting martial arts.  However, if you are learning practical martial arts or self protection, of course you would want to see the techniques work. You will also need to participate in activities that demonstrate skills.

All of our training is progressive and you are never in a rush.  So, you can take your time and get comfortable along the journey.

What If I Want To Teach One Day?

I have 3 Levels of Instructors and each has different requirements.  Once you have taken a path, and one day want to teach, we can make sure you are ready and certify you to teach.