Every one who wants to learn martial arts can benefit from the training.  We have young people who have physical limitations, emotional disturbances, ADHD and many other concerns.

Yet, when the program is properly designed and dosed, every student can progress at their own pace. It really is a matter of just spending time with the student.

Emotional and Physical Stress

The toll that stress takes on us can be costly.  Much like termites, stress can eat us from the inside-out.  By the time you see the damage, it is way too late.  In people, that damage shows up as a heart-attack, shingles, emotional disruptions, depression, explosive reactions.

If you recognize that you are carrying high levels of stress. Let us know, so that we can help you :

  • Release excessive stress
  • Manage incoming and Self-Produced stressors
  • Find a little peace from time-to-time


Seniors – Staying Physically and Mentally Strong

We have seniors who are in fear of falling, joint replacements, cardiac and pulmonary concerns, and mental well-being, along with reduce the risk factors for Parkinson’s, Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Physically Handicapped

I have students who are

  • working to stay upright and out of a wheel chair
  • who are trying to prepare for surgery
  • who are blind

are in a wheel chair and want to keep themselves moving.

Regardless of the clinical challenges that you are facing, I have over 25 years experience in working within hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities, and continue to this day.  I am confident that we can use the martial arts to get you in the direction, you want to go.

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