TaiJi Intercept and Strike Instructional Video

TaiJi Chuan (Tai Chi) has a variety of styles. In many of the forms, particular sequences are repeated, many times. The message from the previous teachers is that, ‘this is important, so repeat it’.

In the Martial TaiJi Chuan forms one sequence, which is one of my favorites is the BackHand-Intercept-Strike sequence. This martial sequence is effective and versatile.

During this first Instructional video, I take you through a progressive lesson, learning it first with arms, then hips, and then a texture.

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If you would like to watch this full video, plus the next two :

Phase 2 of Intercept Strike : How to add Footwork Patterns Timed with Technique

Phase 3 of Intercept Strike : Two Man Drills, Pad Drills and Success/Fail + Offensive/Defensive Contigencies.

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