Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga are the two primary styles that I have trained in and practice.

The ‘Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga‘ and ‘Inspired Yoga Shred‘ are both excellent systems to restore strength, mobility and confidence.  This is the Yoga I began with as a Restorative Supplement to my Martial Arts and Weight Training. AMAZING Results for me.

I felt better, moved better and was very pleased with the results.  I personally spoke with Tristan Gatto and enrolled in his ‘Shred Yoga for Men’ Program, and earned a Certification in ‘Yoga Shred’ with Sadie Nardini.

One of my current clients is 62 years old and has lost 80 pounds over the past year using my Yoga Programming.

The Yin Yoga was part of additional training that I took with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for an Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attack Certification.  The Yin Yoga provides another approach to opening ones mind and body to improved physical and emotional health.

For some, the Tai Chi QiGong is the path that resonates with them. The standing flow of motion, balance and mindfulness restores their health and harmony.