Vestibular Disorder Symptoms Improved Through Tai Chi

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35.4% of US Adults, 40 yrs and Older (69 million Americans) Have Vestibular Dysfunction

Recently, a couple of my Senior Students at Windsor Point Retirement Community brought me an article VestibularDisorders.Org.  Over the past month we had discussed the 3 most influential variables of good balance and up to that point, we had eliminated two of them.  She goes to her doctor, discovers she has a vestibular disorder, receives a prescription and also discovers she is doing the right things.

This is not an uncommon scenario when I am working with our Senior Communities, since I started at First Health Hospital in 1987. Through the course of teaching Tai Chi Qi Gong, we often eliminate possibilities through improved strength, body coordination and mental awareness. This helps a physician focus an investigative path and arrive to better diagnosis and treatment.

The Vestibular Disorders Association article states that they have,

“observed the positive affects of Tai Chi in clinical practice, from working with many patients requiring vestibular rehabilitation and balance retraining.”

These benefits were found during a six week Tai Chi Program. However, it is important to remember, just like anything else we do, once we make gains, we must work to maintain them. Benefits of Tai Chi are not a ‘one-shot and permament’ deal.

Whether we are teaching Tai Chi at one of our Regional Partners Facilities, or in Private Lessons at our Center, we always focus on making sure you get the best, and the most out of your training.

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