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 “Your Childs Focus, Determination and Self-Discipline
is Built into our Martial Arts Classes..”

We provide Martial Arts for Youth’s ranging from 3 to 17 years old.  They are separated in Children, Young Adults (13-17) and Specific Needs.  We clearly distinguish the youth to make sure they are in the best environment to meet their goals.

Our Youth Programs are different than most others…

Our Youth Programs are usually either small group, private, or private with family classes. At their younger ages, our children need more individual attention to find their path. If your child has any Special Concerns, be it physical, mental, emotional, or combinations, we want to be of assistance.

Many of the children participate in either private lessons or in family lessons. Developing a bond through Tai Chi and Martial Arts has been associated for hundreds of years with building a family cohesion and developing personal responsibility and leadership skills.

Adolescents Stop Practicing Martial Arts

A fact is that most children stop practicing Martial Arts around age 14. Then they will try to find their way back into around ages 23-24 years old.  Psychologist’s have studied this distinct life change and have found that there are several main area’s competeing with adolescents interests. They are identified as :

  1. Seeking Acceptance (hence the reason so many teenagers turn to gangs)
  2. Sexual Development (the onset and management of hormones and their effect on behavior)
  3. Pursuit of Models (whether it is in sports, music, or the not so good one’s)
  4. Protecting Themselves

Wouldn’t Martial Arts Be Perfect for the Adolescent Years?

Absolutely, Martial Arts would be perfect to shape these young adults and guide them in positive direction.  It would also help protect them from unnecessary trials and tribulations of these formative years.  Middle School and 9th grade ages can literally set a tone that change their lives, forever.  Sadly, the gap between what the parent wants for their child, and the young person’s interests, seems to get further.  The Martial Arts will assist with:

  1. Emotional Development (develop emotional awareness and control)
  2. Character Development (choosing the better path, even when others are not watching)
  3. Leadership Development (taking self responsibility and taking the point)
  4. Boundry Setting (absolutely critical for young people to learn how to set physical, mental and emotional boundaries)

How Do We Get Through?

We use what research has shown us, to get our adolescents to use the Martial Arts as a tool for their pursuits. For example:

Student 1 : Pierce (14 years) : Uses the Martial Arts in two area’s, A) the pursuit of better understanding of music.  The emphasis is on the precision and focus required for excellent music.  B) Protecting himself from bullying.

Student 2 : Holden (15 years) : Uses the Martial Arts to prepare himself for the physical and mental expecations of the military.  We redesigned the ‘Marine Corp Martial Arts Program’ to a ‘Marine Corp Civilian Martial Arts Version’ and that is his outline for Character and Physical Development.

kids martial arts raleigh

Student 3 : Elijiah (14 years) : Has been with me since he was 8 years old. He started as a way to sharpen his focus and he loved the martial arts with tv models like the DareDevil and the movies.  Now we use his training time to express himself firmly and to create outstanding performances.  The details of what it takes to make something smooth and aethestically pleasant is where we focus.

All 3 have different interests in one of the 4 area’s noted above, we use them as the driving force for their Martial Arts training.

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